8th January 2019


The gem of the Peak District?

Within the Peak district of England, you will find the wonderful village of Castleton. Nestled on the west end of the Hope valley the village has an incredibly gorgeous and relaxing stream known as the Peakshole flowing through it. Castleton is uniquely positioned with three hills surrounding it, the largest being to the north of the village and known as the Great Ridge.

View from the Great Ridge

Due to the village’s location within the Peak District, it attracts a large number of tourists all year around. The village has adapted very well to its tourist numbers and has incorporated many attractions and facilities to fulfil the demands of visitors. Throughout the village, you will find numerous public houses, many of which offer accommodation and serve food all year through. For those seeking a glimpse into ‘old’ England, the village serves as a great source of history and encompasses many traditional features. Tea rooms and visitor centres regarding the Peak District are present within Castleton and are very busy most times of the year.

Within the village there are a number of accommodation options from youth hostels to hotels there is something available for all budgets. There is also a plethora of pubs and restaurants that are muddy boot friendly. 

One such establishment is the Ye Olde Nags Head Hotel. Their staff are friendly and approachable, where nothing is too much trouble. They have 9 rooms to let which are based above a very busy pub. The food within the premises is very reasonably priced and tastes delicious. They are family friendly as well as being walker friendly. I have eaten here many times and highly recommend them. Check them out on http://www.yeoldenagshead.co.uk

As you may well know the Peak District is a great asset to the country and a feather in Derbyshire’s cap when it comes to tourism. Walkers from all around the world regularly come to England and in particular the Peak District to sample the areas hills, rich forests and moors. Castleton is very fortunate to have many walking paths and trails leading out of it and onto the moors making the village very accessible for visitors.

Around the village you will find many attractions to keep yourself entertained, one such attraction is the wonderful Peveril Castle, built in 1066 by William Peveril who was one of William the Conquerers most trusted Knights of the time.

Castle overlooking Castleton on a misty morning.

Close to the village, you can find many caves that are open to the public, some naturally formed and others man-made during the times when the village profited very well from Iron mining. These caves are known as Peak Cavern, Blue John Cavern, Speedwell Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern.

If you enjoy outdoor pursuits then Castleton can offer you many opportunities to enjoy your interests and also give you the chance to sample something new. Walking and cycling are of course very popular, climbing is also very well catered for within the area and a whole host of locations are available to participate at. Paragliding and hang gliding are another activity that is becoming popular in the area and there is even a special centre within the town for people interested.

Images taken between June and November 2018


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