A3 Print of Manhattan Skyline


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Manhattan skyline was an image that was hard to capture.

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Manhattan skyline was an image that was hard to capture.


My bus heading into Manhattan was running late, I then had under an hour to cross the whole city and get to Brooklyn Bridge Park, in time to set up and take the image.

I got on the busy metro and rushed through the city like a blur, gettng off the metro at an unusual station.  I quickly looked at my guide book to get my bearings and set off for the park almost running, not wanting to miss the shot.


I arrived at the park and it was bustling with tourists and photographers wanting to get their shot of the setting sun. I made my way down the jetty and set up next to a chain linked fence. Shortly after arriving, the park rangers ask a few of us photographers to move further up the jetty, due to the tide coming in. We reluctantly moved but I knew the shot I wanted was where I had set up.

I set up again and took a series of images from my new positon waitng for the sun the set. Once the sun had gone below the horizion, I grabbed my gear and jumped over the fence, quickly composing my shot and taking a series of images.


This is the image that I wanted with the leading lines into the skyline.


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